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Brianna Laren

Black Boys Deserve To Thrive Workbook

Black Boys Deserve To Thrive Workbook

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"Black Boys Deserve To Thrive" is a transformative workbook for Black Boys 11+, guiding them through self-discovery and personal growth. Building upon the foundation laid by the affirmations in the acclaimed children's book "Black Boys Deserve Flowers Too," this 100+ page workbook delves deeper into the themes of self-reflection, embracing emotions, overcoming challenges, and pursuing dreams and ambitions.

At the heart of this workbook is the belief that every Black Boy deserves the opportunity to thrive, to dream big, and to pursue their aspirations without limitations. However, the journey to thriving is not always easy, just because you deserve something doesn't mean you will always get it. It takes courage, determination, and a deep understanding of oneself to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities. 

This is a pre-order item and will begin shipping in June 2024 


  • Signed Copy
  • Printable Resources 
  • Access to the Invite Only Black Boys Deserve To Thrive Virtual Workshop 
  • Surprise Bonus Item (will ship with the Workbook)
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