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Brianna Laren

Custom Guided Journal With Prompts

Custom Guided Journal With Prompts

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What We Offer:

  1. Custom Journal Cover & Prompts: Our team crafts a unique journal cover that reflects your personality, interests, or brand, ensuring it's exclusively yours. The journal will include relevant prompts 

  2. Relevant Prompts: Our guided journals are designed to inspire and guide your reflections on the topic of your choosing. You'll receive carefully crafted prompts that are relevant and meaningful, ensuring that your journaling experience is both engaging and insightful.
  3. Amazon Publication: We publish your custom journal on under your name, expanding your reach and providing a seamless purchasing experience for customers.

  4. Passive Income Opportunity: Earn passive income by selling your journal on Amazon, with hassle-free revenue generation and no inventory management required.

  5. Social Media Mock-Up: Receive a high-quality mock-up to promote your custom journal on social media, attracting potential customers and generating interest in your product.

  6. Tutorial on Ordering Author Copies: Access a step-by-step guide for ordering physical copies of your journal from Amazon, perfect for personal use or promotional purposes.

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