You are capable of AMAZING things

Hey Suga!

I wrote Breebe’s Brand New Baby Brother in 2014, it was published in 2015 by Lift Bridge Publishing and released in 2016. I was extremely excited but also really nervous. I was weighed down by a ton of self doubt so I delayed the release. I said it was to give me time to market the book but really I was worried people wouldn’t buy it or if people bought it they wouldn’t like it. It is crazy how you can be your own worst enemy!

I wanted to be an author ever since I was little, writing stories in my little black and white composition notebooks. And here I was about to be a published author and I was terrified of failure. I can’t tell you how I got over that fear because I didn’t lol. I just went ahead and did it anyway. I felt so accomplished! The book sales were good and the feedback was awesome, but I allowed that fear to creep back in. I decided not to have a book signing. I was afraid people wouldn’t come, which thinking back was irrational because my family and friends are super supportive… but that is what fear does. It can be crippling and make you think that you aren’t enough even when YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH [you really are].

Fast forward to my next book Pretty Pretty Black Girl. I was healing from depression when I wrote the book. I was in a really dark place and I was determined to fill my life with light so I didn’t let fear hold me back this time. I had a book signing and GUESS WHAT?! I had an AMAZING turn out. I had a phenomenal line up of black women that spoke life into all in attendance (including me). There were vendors and sponsors and people were engaged and enjoying themselves. So many people hugged me, told me how much they loved my book and enjoyed the event. They bought books, won prizes and took pictures and the night was so much more than I could have ever imagined. And none of that would have happened had I not believed in myself and took a leap.

Some might say a book isn’t that huge of a leap lol but IT IS!!! When you create anything and put it out into the world that is HUGE! You are putting something positive into the world and THAT IS BIG. There is someone right now that needs to hear that YOU made it! They need to hear YOUR STORY. They need to hear YOUR TESTIMONY. They need YOU! The world needs YOU! So the next time you feel discouraged or afraid… please remember YOU ARE CAPABLE OF AMAZING THINGS!


© 2020 by Brianna Laren