Pretty Pretty Black Girl is a poetic book of affirmations that speaks to the souls of black girls and women. In an era where social media can make or break one’s self esteem, it reminds us that likes don’t equal love and encourages us to find love inside ourselves first. This book empowers black women by reminding us that we are not broken, we are polished by adversity, allowing our light to shine through no matter the circumstance. These poetic mantras are what we all need when our knees begin to buckle and shake under the weight of the world. Pretty Pretty Black Girl is for the little black girl inside of us all that needs to know she is loved and not alone.

FEATURED ARTWORK BY: Chris Clark, Delmaine Donson & Todgi Dozier of The Black Onion

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Pretty Pretty

Black Girl

Breebe's Brand New Baby Brother

Breebe's Brand New Baby Brother is a fun book about adapting to change! Follow Breebe as she learns to share with her brand new baby brother, Kel.


No sibling? No problem! This is a great book that teaches children about change, being helpful and the fun of sharing. 

Kindle & Paperback available.

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